Monday, April 02, 2007

and the memory remains...

All the guys who I grew up admiring on the sports field, seem to be calling it a day. Think about the last 3 - 4 years and reflect on the number of sporting greats who have left their respective games and moved on in their respective lives, leaving me with only memories of their personas and antics off and on the playing field. While I obviously knew this would happen, I guess I wasn't prepared for it.

David Beckham (best 30 hard free kick taker), Anil Kumble (Indian leg spinner), Michael Schumacher (ace formula one driver), Shane Warne (Australian leg spin bowler) & Andre Agassi (tennis legend) are just a few that have left the game recently. I almost feel lonely. How many years I played the game with each of these guys and lived their sporting highs and lows, alongside them.

And there are some more stars who are about to bid farewell to their respective games. Glen McGrath (ace opening bowler with immense control over line and length), Sanath Jayasuriya (exploding sri lankan opening batman), Sachin Tendulkar (Indian crickets favourite son), Brian Lara (possibly the best left hand batsman in the world) and Saurabh Ganguly (India's best cricketing captain ever). Very soon, I will be lonlier still.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good one. Let me add the list of missing in action greats here..
Michael Armstrong
Gary kasprov
Ian Thorpe
Luis Figo
Lenox Luis
Inzamam....... Murli seems to still say he is ready for next world cup... Varun

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